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Monday, December 2, 2013

Review: Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution

 Clairol's Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution  delivers results that vary from individual to individual.  Resistant gray hair may require heat processing and using the "Midnight Black" in order to achieve adequate "dark brown" gray coverage.  Then on the flip side,  those with porous, gray hair, sitting at room temperature and just using the "Rich Dark Brown" color can turn their hair's color almost Black.

Even as far as relaxer day goes, the directions does not recommend any heat, but for some resistant gray clients, I find that 10 minutes under medium heat helps.  While, non-resistant gray clients process fine at room temperature on the same day as the relaxer.

The consistency of this color formula is thin enough to cocktail with a conditioner which for some clients with non-resistant gray, cocktailing provides adequate gray coverage and saves time.

Another important observation regarding the Advanced Gray Solution is that there is an excessive amount of "ash/green" as the base color.  So if your client has "dirty blonde" ends, then they may grab a greenish color as you rinse this Advanced Gray Solution from the roots.  If this happens, I found the Tressa "Cocoa" Watercolors shampoo neutralizes the greenish hue from the porous ends.

I began experimenting with this Beautiful Collection color line because the Sebastian Cellophanes color line changed their formula, and I found it to be less effective in covering gray.  I am not completely happy with the inconsistent results of the Beautiful Collection Advanced Gray Solution, so I am planning to begin using Avlon's Moisturcolor Semi-permanent color to see how effective and consistent it works. I will keep you posted.

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  1. Please see my separate blog article on the Advanced Gray Solution Light Golden Chestnut color for other corrective measures.