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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Review: Affirm MoisturColor Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Well, it's a "thumbs up" for Affirm Moisturcolor Conditioning Semi-Permanent Hair Color.  It does provide adequate coverage for those who need gray coverage on the same day as the relaxer.  It does require a separate step like the Sebastian Cellophanes Deep Brunette color required, but there is no mixing needed.  It is truly an "out of the bottle" haircolor.

Also, the best news is that the "4N" delivers a nice brown highlight to the gray without any brazziness nor gold tones.  The base color is neutral for both the "2N" and the "4N."

The "2N" delivers a darkest brown to natural black effect to the hair.  The "4N" delivers a medium to light brown effect to hair.  The bottles come with expiration dates on them.

I recommend a brush application to avoid oversaturating the scalp. The consistency of this haircolor is slightly runny. Also, the directions read "Shake Well."

Hairstylists and clients do benefit from sharing reviews like this.  Everyone is short on time and money - I strongly encouraged other hairstylists to share discoveries that work.

Have a great Holiday!

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  1. I was successful in cocktailing this color with the conditioning phase of the relaxer system, and it worked to blend the gray. It saved time.