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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My 16 Months Microlocks Check-in

 So I reached my 16 months of microlocks, and I believe that I am on my final phase of learning my hair's needs.  Sisterlocks preaches us to limit product usage, but I started noticing random strands of hair that had not fully matted into the lock was breaking off.  So no, I was not losing locks, but similar to if I had a natural afro, I saw a few strands of natural unlocked hair break off as I styled my hair.  So as for my hair, I started using a spray moisturizer everyday to keep it hydrated.  I am convinced that my scalp does not produce enough oil to keep my locks hydrated.  In addition, I am not drinking 64 ounces of water per day either.

So I tried the Sisterlocks spray moisturizer, and it seemed too lightweight.  I need something that was going to lock the hydration in without being sticky.  So far Avlon's Ferm Moisturizing Aqualizer seems to do the trick!  It sprays on and absorbs into my locks without me having to rub it in.  I tried Design Essentials "Mist and Shine," but it leaves an "Armour All" look to my micro-locks so I have to manipulate the product into my locks.  So the Design Essentials required too much work.  The Ferm Moisturizing Aqualizer allows me to spray to my heart's content without any product buildup.  I love it!  Ferm is Avlon's "bodywave/soft curl" system.  The Aqualizer says that it is good for hair and scalp.  The down side is that it has propylene glycol in the ingredients, but until I find another spray that seals in moisture, Ferm Aqualizer is it!  By the way, I also tried Bee Mine's Juicy spray, and I felt that it caused too much product buildup for everyday use.  The paraben free spray may be close to expiring, but it smelled fine.  I just plan to stick with the Aqualizer spray for now.

 Okay, I just washed my hair. It was six weeks since my last tightening session.  It is time to tame my little afro.   I usually can tell when people start staring at my roots just a little too long that I know that I am getting past due for a retightening or root twist.

For those who constantly ask are those locks permanent?  Well, they are just as permanent as a relaxer is.

1) My hair grows out of my scalp loose as it has always done.
2) There is a line of demarcation between my new growth and my matured part of my locks as seen in the picture above.
3) The locks control my natural hair similar to how a relaxer chemically controls the natural hair.
4) I finger comb my locks versus using a "real" hair comb.

For those who wonder why locks have thinner roots and fatter ends?  Well, your natural shedded hair drops into the lock compacting it and making it fatter.  If there is significant fatness in the ends of the locks, then you may be shedding abnormally which could be because the locks are not staying hydrated enough or there is a health issue that is affecting your scalp internally.  If you locks get too thin at the roots, they will break off.

1) So use a daily moisturizing spray if your scalp does not produce enough oil naturally.
2) Get your iron level checked as well as check to see if your prescription drugs have any side effects that you need to be aware of.

Okay, back to me and my hair, I just retightened the roots.  Four hours with the bantu knots.  Can you believe that my locks/ my hair is long enough to bantu now without any rubber bands?  Yes, my locks are supporting themselves without any help.  So no more perm rods for curls!  I am sooooo happy at my progress!  I had a vacation day so I did not get all glamoured up, but I will take another glam picture soon to showcase my 16+ months micro-locks!

This was a great check-in!


  1. Loving this check in and update. Your locks are coming in nicely!! Good job on finding what works for you!

    1. Thanks Kreyola! It's funny because as a full-time hairdresser, I realize that my job is getting harder and harder because every client and potential client may all have different needs based on their own individual, unique makeup as well as their unique lifestyle requirements. 2014 may mean giving myself a raise. LOL!

  2. I just found out that Avlon is discontinuing the whole Ferm product line. The Aqualizer sprays are while quantities last.