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Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, December 5, 2013

My 16 months and a week Microlocks Showcase

It's December 2013 and I'm all glammed up!  I  used the "clippies" below to assist in lock styling in the picture of me in brown sweater.  My thickness is still not what I once had, but I am able to manipulate the length of my locks to give me volume.  Also, I purchased new blush color from MAC!  Love it!

I bought these clippies from the H&M store.  About $2.95 for 12.  They are not going to last forever, but they are small enough for me to use about seven clippies in the front without looking tacky.  Can you tell in the picture above?

Okay, there are No Clippies in this picture with the animal print top!  I just took the bantu knots out and styled.  So the locks had a firmness to them. The shadow in the picture makes my lock style look like a bob.  I can envision my bob style by December 2014. (another year easily!)

Rain and sleeping on my locks definitely loosens the hold of the Lock Styling Lotion.  The daily spray also softens the styling.  So I will be clip styling to keep some shape.

I also want to address that tightening locks can be done in a clockwise turning or a counterclockwise turning.

Sisterlocks patterns are mostly counterclockwise.  I find when I am twisting, it depends on how I am holding my head and my arms placement.  Some of my locks are twisted clockwise and some counter-clockwise.  I think that by the third hour of finger twisting - I am losing concentration so I try to follow how each lock is naturally twisting.

Also, the last Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gelly that I used would not absorb into my locks this last tightening session.  I do not know if something in my shampoo was blocking it???  I skipped conditioning all together.  So I had to go back to the Jamaican Lime and Mango Locking Gel.  Then I ran out of that and had to finish my head with Nahbila's Peppermint Twisting Gel.  The gels got the job done so I am grateful, and I love both products.

Okay, it may be New Years for the next check-in!

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