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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Benita's Favorite Hair Products of 2013

My favorite hair related products and accessories for 2013 are:

Favorite Hair Styling Accessory
Clippies - all different sizes (colors: black, animal print, gray, and brown)

Favorite Firm Roller Set Lotion
VitalePro 3 in 1 Design Lotion

Favorite Lightweight Roller Set Foam
Jane Carter Solution Wrap N Roll

Favorite Overnight Hairdressing
KeraCare Overnight Moisturizing Treatment

Favorite Relaxer System for Hair that is NOT color-treated - It's a tie!
Paul Mitchell Relaxer (Mild and Regular Strength) and
Vitale Pro High Comfort Regular Relaxer

Favorite Relaxer System for Color-Treated hair
Fiberguard Affirm Mild relaxer

Favorite Leave-in Conditioners for Blow-dry of Relaxed Hair
Joico Leave-in Detangler and
Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil

Favorite Straightening Styling Aide for Medium to Coarse hair
My Honey Child Sophia's Old Fashioned Hair Grease

Favorite Straightening Styling Aide for Fine hair
Pureology Shinemax

Favorite DreadLock Hydration Spray
Ferm Moisturizing Aqualizer

Favorite DreadLock Tightening/Twisting Gel for professionals
Nahbila's Aloe Peppermint Twisting Gel (scalp stimulating and aloe vera based)

Favorite DreadLock Tightening/Twisting Gel for consumers
Jamaican Mango and Lime Locking Gel

Favorite Pure Protein Treatment (Step 1 of 2)
Redken CAT (protein reconstructing treatment)

Happy Holidays!!!!


  1. How do you feel about Dry Shampoos to freshen your hair in between washes? If you like them is there any brand you recommend and how do you recommend to use them? Thank you!

    1. Hey Chenoe123: Dry shampoos have their place in the hair world. I recommend Naturia by Rene Furterer Paris. You shake well and then spray at your roots. It feels slightly powdery, but it absorbs extra oils and gives you added volume. A 3.2 oz aersol can cost around $24 USD. I hope this was the type of dry shampoo that you were referring to. There are some wet "rinseless" shampoos out there, but they are mainly for patients confined to bed rest.