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Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Partial MicroLock Updo using Hair Clips

I'm back!  I took a week or so break.  I forgot that I updated my blog backdrop to be more modern and bright before I took my brief haitus.  So I still have to get used to the new blog look, but on a separate note, I identified some Beverly Hills, California locations to consider for hair salon expansion.  I also reached out to a few relaxer companies.  No solid developments, but life is good!  

I bought some little hair clips, and I have been enjoying twisting my front side locks up and anchoring them with a matching hair clip creating a partial updo.

 The weather is cooling off as well so I have been spending more time on makeup application.  My hair seems to naturally flip up some in the back just from sleeping on it.

 My length seems to have grown into a full bob in the back finally.  My nape area stays covered with ease. I am about 4 weeks since my last root tightening.

 You can see my front hair clips are black that are holding both sides up.  I am still gaining length at 14.5 months into my lock journey.  I am comfortable with my hair density considering the front of my hair is up.  My back density seems to be able to support itself without me looking too scalpy.  I am also convinced that the flash on the camera draws a lot of attention to lighter colored areas.  Overall, this is a good check-in.

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