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Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Microlocks: Lost a Lock

When I was perm rodding my locks a few weeks ago, I found this lock in my perm rod case.  I suppose it snapped off of an end of a still existing lock or maybe it snapped from the scalp.  I am not sure, but my locks overall seem to still be forming fine even with two different locking methods going.

There is still relaxed hair hanging on at the last third of this microlock.  The rest of the lock that is not chemically processed is half interlocked and half finger twisted.  I really do not see a line of demarcation between the two locking methods.  I do see the line of demarcation between the chemically processed areas and the chemical free area.

So I will have to be careful with removal of my perm rods from my microlocks.  I do not want to lose anymore locks from being too heavy handed.  I may try to connect the broken lock to another lock to see if some of the lock repair methods on youtube work.  Smile.  I foresee more experimentation in my future!

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