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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Head massages by Massage Therapists

Massages are a part of wellness and stress relief; however, when a scalp or head massage is included,  it can cause some uneasiness especially if the client has hair extensions, wigs, or hairpieces.

Also, if one's next stop after the massage is a business meeting, one may not want their hairstyling manipulated too much.  In addition, one may wonder if the massage oil may be too heavy especially if one does not have a hair appointment scheduled for a few more days.

For those who are a little past due for a relaxer touch-up, would you worry about the therapist feeling your new growth or kinky roots?

The benefits of the head massage is to promote blood circulation, hair growth, and to relieve stress.

Head and scalp massages should be discussed prior to the start of each body massage.  Most therapists are in tuned to know whether to stop at the neck versus massaging the whole head.

With dreadlocks, head massages are more welcomed because there is less concern about restyling the hair.

Any hairstyle that is free of commercial enhancement opens one up for the ultimate freedom of a scalp massage.

Most pampering hair salons will include a scalp massage during the shampoo service. So even if someone has hair extensions, their hairstylist can develop a scalp massage to work around their hair extensions.

Please also note that there are some massage therapists that insist on head to toe manipulation and are less flexible in their routine.  Communication and recommendations always come in handy when choosing your wellness solutions.


  1. Sounds Great!
    Can you recommend a good shampoo, deep conditioner, and leave in that generally works for all relaxed hair types?

  2. Hi Chenoe123: Since you are on the Paul Mitchell relaxer, I would recommend Paul Mitchell's Shampoo one or the Paul Mitchell Wild Ginger Awapuhi luxury shampoo, and the Paul Mitchell Wild Ginger Styling Treatment oil as a leave-in conditioner. As for a conditioner, KeraCare Humecto with or without heat usually works.

  3. Thank you! Could these products be used as well for someone who has a Mizani Relaxer? Also do you still recommend the Redken Treatment once a month for protein?

  4. Definitely, Redken CAT is a staple for protein treatments a week or two before relaxer touch-ups. As far as the Mizani relaxer clients, I would assume their hair is more coarse than yours. The Paul Mitchell will not hurt their hair, but they probably would want a more protein enriched shampoo like the Mizani Botanifying shampoo and the Mizani Silk Cream Conditioner. The Wild Ginger Styling Treatment oil as well as their Wild Ginger luxury shampoo would work fine too for the Mizani relaxed client.

  5. Until I can get the Paul Mitchell Oil Treatment Leave In treatment , should I use Chi Silk Infusion , Joico Detangler, Pureology Smoothing elixir or Keracare cream leave in that I already have on hand for my leave in? I'll be rolling setting my hair using the Jane Carter Wrap and Roll. Also I'll be using light heat after the roller set to control frizz. Thank you!

  6. Hi Chenoe123: Joico Detangler spray and Pureology Smoothing Elixir are both great products! The Chi Silk Infusion and the KeraCare Strengthening Thermal Protector seemed to have diminishing benefits with prolonged use. I think that too much dimethicone are in the Chi and KeraCare products above.