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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Brow Hair: Eyebrow Kits

 To achieve eyebrow perfection without hair removal, you can use Eyebrow kits!  I use the following:

1) Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit in color 963 Ash Brown sold at Rite Aid drug stores.
2) Nuance color 100 Brown sold in CVS drug stores.
3) Ardell Soft Black sold in Sally's Beauty Supply.

The Nuance and Wet n Wild Brow kits both have a wax included in the trio.  The Nuance brow kit has a  highlighting creme included as well.

Another blogger posted a video on eyebrow makeup application.  It was great!!!! She mentioned that the tail of the brow should be darker than the start of the brow.  The Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow kit was a great recommendation from her.  I had to search 4 stores to discover it only in Rite Aid Drugs store.

I use a combination of all three brow kits for my brows.  It definitely adds another 5 or 10 times on to my total cosmetic makeup application process.  Therefore, the brow makeup will continue to be for special occasions only.

I am attaching the eyebrow video tutorial here:


  1. Thanks for always having interesting articles on your blog.

    1. You are welcome Sierra! I like changing things up sometimes too! LOL!