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Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Legal Perspective on Natural Hair

One of my clients who is an attorney had a candid conversation with me on the topic of being discriminated against because of natural kinky hair.  This article is based on that discussion and is not meant to be legal advice.  I wanted to make that disclaimer.

As you all know, Carolinas Healthcare System laid me off within two weeks of my completion of getting Sisterlocks despite my seven years of seniority and no write-ups.  Their reasoning was that they wanted a consistent business model between their two nursing homes immediately.  Go Figure?

I asked my legal client that if the administration did not like my hair, then why not pull me to the side and say "that look" is not going to work here.  My client says that scenario would have definitely opened the company up to a lawsuit.  So apparently, it is in the company's best interest to just find some reason to lay you off or terminate you besides "your hair is too kinky."  And might I remind you that the states that have "employment-at-will" laws do not have to give any reason at all.

So,  for all the natural sistahs out there thinking that "the company has to accept you as you are," I would think again if you really want to keep your job.  If your clothes and hair do not fit in with the majority of your co-workers, then I suggest that you re-consider your image.

Interested in hearing more?  Human Resources professionals are scheduled to talk about natural hair as it relates to interviewing as well as in the work place at the next event below (Saturday, November 2, 2013).

Please go to the to buy a ticket!  I will be speaking on the topic of locks at this event as well!

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