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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What about the Wave Nouveau?

As you may guess, there are a lot of people transitioning out of chemicals and transitioning into chemicals. So what about the Wave Nouveau by Soft Sheen Carson? It is a "thio" soft curl procedure that is not compatible with relaxer services. One would have to choose between one or the other. So if you have virgin hair, then you could 1) lock it 2) relax it 3) "soft curl" process it or 4) continue the natural journey.

I decided to revisit the thought of a Wave Nouveau because I remember how beautiful another friend-girl hair was with the Wave Nouveau. It was long, wavy, and thick looking. I called her up to talk to her about when she used to have the Wave Nouveau, and I realized that her curl pattern is looser than mine. She is wearing her hair natural now and loves the low maintenance of it.

I even went to our local beauty supply store (Sally's Beauty Supply) and checked out the Wave Nouveau line. It had the typical 3 piece "soft curl" components: 1) thio relaxer 2) processing lotion and 3) neutralizing lotion. All the "soft curls" name their components different names such as "shape release" or "re-arranger."

I read reviews on the Wave Nouveau product. I think that for the kinkier hair people; the "shape releaser" may cause scalp sensitivity and may take longer to soften coarser hair. Therefore by the time you complete the whole Wave Nouveau process, kinkier hair will have processed much longer than someone with a type 3 curl pattern. So type 4 curl patterns may find their hair to be prone to dryness, frizz, and tangling.

Oh well, scratch that option for type 4 overcurly hair! It was just a thought . . .


  1. I just noticed in Sally's Beauty Supply that the Wave Nouveau "shape releaser" comes in two strengths. One is normal/medium. The other is coarse/resistant.

  2. I also discovered a fine/colored-treated "shape releaser" by Wave Nouveau. So there are THREE strengths available. The beauty supply store across from University of NC at Charlotte carries all three strengths. (near CitiTrends)