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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Perfecting the Roller Set: The Hump is Key!

The key to perfecting a roller set so that your styling is easy is getting the "hump" right. The first roller placed in the hair needs to be perfectly placed at the peak of the head to drape over the dropoff of the center of the head. Then place all the other rollers around it.

How do you find the right place for the hump? Attached are three pictures. Notice the flatness of the head in one picture? A book could lay on top of it. In another picture, I show the perpendicular dropoff with my hand. The roller is placed overdirected from its base to allow for maximum lift.

Study the three pictures here and practice your placement of the first roller until you get it right. Every head is different so you have to find the perfect "hump" placement customized for each roller set client.

The roller set method described here is for clients who desire to wear their hair in curls or a "dooby." If you are doing a blow-out for a straight look, then roller placement is different.

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