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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DVD Review: Fire and Ice Volume 3 by Stars Weaving and Replacements

First of all, the model in this dvd has type 3c to type 4a hair. The model is overcurly, but her curl pattern reminds me of a texturized 4c curl pattern. So the model is kinky, but not overly kinky.

Now, that we have this information out of the way, "Fire and Ice: The Transformation of Natural Tresses Volume 3 featuring Tajuana A. Hughes" dvd was overall a good investment. However, it is not the answer for those trying to straighten virgin type 4c curl patterns.

It was a good refresh on using the hair steamer as well as pressing/silkening of the hair as a separate step from curling/styling of the hair.

I am no longer a fan of the flat irons so the use of the flat irons through the silkening phase as well as the styling phase was overkill for me.

As for as the blow-dry phase, it was a good instructional video on using the Denman brush.

So overall, "Fire and Ice Vol. 3" was a great video and worth my investment.


  1. Thanks for the review. How does incorporating the hair steamer into the straightening process help?

  2. Hi There! I have not used a hair steamer personally, but according to the hydration therapy classes that I have attended, the ph of water is 7.0 plus the more intense heat from the steam should deliver a deeper conditioning effect quicker. Lately, I have found that using a regular platform dryer requires about 30 minutes for the conditioner to really soften the hair. During relaxer touch-up time, less time is needed. The hair steamer should effectively cut the normal conditioning time in half. I have not been interested in adding more salon equipment until I see how to charge extra for the convenience of the hair steamer.