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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

DVD Review: Breaking the Mold by Freddie J

Hair artist Freddie J was featured in Chris Rock's Good Hair movie as one of the contenders for the Bronner Brothers Hair Battle title. She is an industry leader as far as the beauty industry is concerned.

I loved this dvd on how to mold/wrap the hair to achieve a "fresh" style without combing into the typical circular wrap around the head. This "new" wet wrap method delivers a "soft, corporate" mohawk effect. Very nice.

However, the downside to this video is that all three models featured have the exact same headshape. All three models have a high occipital bone and a deep inset in the nape area. Their headshapes are perfect for sporting a short cut.

However, for a client with a flatter head and less nape area, this "fresh" wrap method would not give you the same result. Actually, it would be a waste of time to attempt this mold.

So your client's headshape is a factor in how you conform a haircut as well as how many options you have to wet wrapping it.

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