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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Clip in Bang Extension Unit

Most of your hair style and sophistication comes from your top center of your head. Adding a lightweight clip-in bang unit can add pizazz to your image.

I picked this "Bang thing" up from the local Sally's Beauty Supply.

They do not recommend sleeping in the unit because it has metal comb clips in them. They do not recommend coloring them either. The price for this one unit was regularly around $12. I bought this one at a reduced price of $7.

This unit was already cut and ready to clip in. As long as you got your placement in a natural position, the unit hung nicely with minimal effort.

With it sitting on top of your head it doesn't stress your existing hair. When you bend your head down make sure the three clips inside are holding firmly onto your existing hair. We want the hair on the unit to move, but we do not want the unit to fall off nor fall off taking some of your hair with it.

The bang unit is most ideal for people who have good length in the top center of their head, but they want more thickness. You should have enough hair to comb over the unit and use a little hairspray if you need help keeping your hair covering the root of the unit.

Luckily, the hair on this unit was yaky human hair which matched my kinky texture. If you want to curl the unit, they recommend curling it when it is not attached to your hair.

This unit may become discontinued because at $12, some people may feel that they can get a whole pack of discounted weft hair and quickweave this look into their own hair. My argument with this is that this bang unit is quick, less messy, already cut into a layered cut, and the clips are already strategically placed for easy on and easy off. You are paying extra money for the "technology" built into the unit.

I also understand that with the economy being really bad; $12 can be a lot of money for this "little piece of hair." Isn't it wonderful to have options!

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  1. One of the Celebrity stylists featured on the Ricki Lake Show last week showed how to add a bang clip-in piece on top of a long ponytail style to give you a new look without cutting the bang area. I believe it was Oscar Blandi that showed this trick.