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Phenomenal . . .
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Friday, October 7, 2011

True Indulgence Relaxer: Client Feedback

My client pictured here had about eight months of new growth. She was ready to go back to having relaxed hair. We used the regular strength True Indulgence relaxer system to straighten the new growth area. We pre-protected her remaining relaxed hair that had not broken off. She is a type 4a curl pattern. We also completed a roller set service for her finished look. She was so extremely happy with the relaxer service that she said if she left wet without final styling, then she would still be happy because it looked so incredibly shiny and manageable. I was overjoyed because I did not remember the last time a client was ready to do a "halleujah" over a relaxer.

Constantly, this whole week, the client feedback has been everything from "my hair has been so much easier to manage on a daily basis" to "I am loving this new relaxer" upon arriving through the door followed by "oh, hello, how are you? . . . Well, I have not felt this way in a long time about a relaxer; I am truly loving this new relaxer."

I even had one client who is commercially integrated mentioned that she is no longer worried about her hair blending into the commercial hair; she now needs the commercial hair to stay as smooth as her own hair.

Other client feedback included that they were prepared to burn because they had been scratching a good bit, but amazingly, they did not burn, and it got straight. They were really pleasantly surprised.

Even for me, this relaxer has me spellbound.

Now, I only have one word of caution. As with any relaxer system or product line, you should make sure the product has not expired. I had gone through my first tub of relaxer that I brought back with me from the hair show and started the next tub that I had purchased locally. The second tub seemed to have a different product consistency. I had to call the distributor to get an exchange. So in the future, I am going to have to check for freshness before taking delivery.

Well, I have my fingers crossed. I hope that this relaxer is the real deal. I hope that I am going to continue to love and trust it for years to come.

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