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Monday, October 17, 2011

Tool Review: SuperSolano 3500 Lite Hair Dryer

The SuperSolano 3500 Lite is a lightweight Italian blowdryer/hair dryer. I have found that it does not have enough wind velocity and heat to complete a round brush final finish. (i.e. Dominican style) Also, the vent cap is so thin and filmsy that it breaks with any rough handling. Luckily, you can order replacement vent caps from the authorized repair shops. If you do order, you best buy several because you may go through several if you are trying to use this handheld hair dryer in the salon.

The dryer will survive a fall, but the vent cap will not. Either have a backup hair dryer on hand or plenty of replacement vent caps. I believe the vent caps cost about $7.00 a piece.

I checked some Amazon reviews on this hair dryer; others have experienced the same issues about the lack of heat and wind as well as the filmsy vent cap.

Other than those two deficiencies, the dryer works well. Overall, save this dryer for home use; not for professional salon use. It can not compete with a twin turbo hair dryer. (Please see my separate article on twin turbo hair dryers.)

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