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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Product Review: Cuticle Remy XQ Human Hair

Cuticle Remy XQ human hair comes in double packaging. It has a newspaper wrapper and a tissue wrap around it. The hair looks and feels beautiful. It is straight hair and does not hold curls well. It will hold a bend.

If you wash and set it, it seemed relentless to hold curls past four hours. So for straight tangle free styling, it may be worth the investment. However, after trying everything from hot curlers, hot irons, setting lotions, and razoring, it finally held the curl a little longer, but it started tangling.

So if you want sleek, straight hair, then go for the Cuticle Remy XQ human hair.

Personally, I am planning to start stocking first cut human hair. It will run around $400 a bundle, but it will last about six months. Lately, the beauty supply hair is not lasting even if you are paying $100 per pack. By the time, you pay $100 to $200 for two packs of beauty supply hair every two months, it is cheaper to get premium first cut hair. Please see separate article on the first cut human hair. Article coming soon!

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