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Phenomenal . . .
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Healthy Home Market: What's cool on the hair aisle?

Brand: Uncle Funky's Daughter . . . the Supercurl moisturizing creme is on my wish list. This company is Houston, Texas based. They are a competitor of the Miss Jessie's line. Some of their products have also been recognized in magazines such as Essence.

Henna is a metallic dye. It is not compatible with relaxed hair. (i.e. hair can break off) Only use on natural hair to color. Persian Mahogany (Medium Red/Auburn) is pictured here.

Natural hairspray . . . Wow! I purchased the "Weather Control" Hairspray. (orange label) Stay tuned for reviews.

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  1. I found out that different Healthy Home Market stores carry different lines. For instance, the South Boulevard Store in Charlotte has the full line of Uncle Funky's Daughter products. The Cornelius, NC store has some of the line. Also, the S. Blvd store has an arsenal of ethnic organic hair care products compared to the Cornelius store. The Cornelius, NC location has more of the Jason product line. So you may want to call ahead if you are looking for a specific hair care line to make sure that they have it in.