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Friday, October 7, 2011

Day Five Followup on my Relaxer service

Well, it is day five, and I am still "bright eyed and bushy tail" over the True Indulgence relaxer system. Also, the cooler weather means I can start back wearing my cosmetic/makeup without sweating it all off! Yay!

So far, I still working on a nightly regimen of rolling my hair and deciding which daily hairdressing to use. Also, I will be peforming a protein treatment at my next shampoo because I am still using the curling iron in the back to get a tighter curl in my hair. Yes, this is a "no no," but I think the Profectiv MegaGrowth hairdressing is a little too heavy in oil and the Bee Mine Luscious Cream Moisturizer is a little too light and wet for the back. Then add the fact that I sleep on the back of my head with and without rollers some times . . . I am looking forward to growing it out long enough to bantu knot or pin curl. Also, I hope to get a regimen together by next week in order to quit using the curling iron.

On a separate note, Affirm relaxer system has been revamped. Nice new packaging and new healthier formula. I believe they still want you to use their KeraCare Strengthening Thermal Protector to ensure the integrity of the hair. I purchased the 5 in 1 Reconstructor as pictured. Notice the old packaging versus the new packaging? The ingredients are different as well.

I do not plan to purchase this relaxer system at this time. I am really, really content with the True Indulgence relaxer system. I am happy to know that Avlon did improve their Affirm relaxer system. Many people felt that the previous Affirm relaxer system was too agressive. I think the beauty industry is moving in the right direction again. This is great news!


  1. My stylist uses the 5 n 1 almost every week on me. First is this a good idea and if so does this reconstructor need to be followed up with something that is moisturizing? Just wondering...

  2. Hey! The 5 n 1 is a protein and moisture combination. It does NOT have to be followed with a separate moisturizing conditioner. However, I do not see a need to use the 5 n 1 every week unless it is working for you. The Mizani Moistufuse would be a better choice for weekly use.