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Friday, July 15, 2011

Cutting out the Middle Man: The Hairstylist!

This picture is from Being a hairstylist and also, being a woman with hair that has to be styled . . . I see both sides of the story. The economy, gasoline prices, housing losses, retirement losses and so on forces creative thinking in order to cut expenses.

When it comes to hair, you have products to buy and a hairstylist to maintain. You already figured out that you can not eliminate the products. If you have gray hair, then you may find haircolor necessary. Shampoo and Conditioner are also necessities. Styling aids are helpful to maintain a corporate professional look.

So the product manufacturers will not lose too much money. The beauty supply stores should be prospering.

Now, let's visit the concept of natural hair . . . the products to maintain the hair cost more than the regular shampoo and conditioner for relaxed hair. For example: You may spend about $50 per month buying quality natural haircare products and maintaining your natural tresses at home.

On the other hand, you were paying at least $100 per month to go to the salon to have your relaxed hair set/serviced.

If you figure out a low maintenance regimen at home then it will beat the time spent in the salon. Also, with the cost of living being so high - most professional stylists who are on track to retire in the profession are going to expect to make at least $40 per maintenance service.

So in a nutshell, people are looking for ways to cut down on costs. If you are an exceptional haircare professional, then you are a "cutback." Your regular clients will come see you when they need you. If you are just an average hairdresser . . . you may find yourself "cut out" unless you keep your prices really low. "The dollar menu" will always draw customers.

What inspired me to write this article was the upfront cost of the natural haircare lines. Expect to spend $60 to $80 to get started in maintaining your natural hair and you have to use the products almost daily. Whereas with relaxed hair, most people did not like paying more than $8 to $10 for any product. I suppose the expense of the salon service was a factor in overall cost.

Good luck in finding your balance. With kinky hair being worn all over the world right now, it is the best time to try to get away from the European standard straight hair. Please also remember that certain corporate professional environments still prefer the European straight look. Be your own judge.

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