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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Detox Regimen to soften "Hard hair!"

Most of the time, hard hair can mean a calcium buildup from no-lye relaxers or too much protein. KeraCare has demineralization wipes that when used properly, really soften the hair. The formal name of this service is Demineralizing Treatment.
Yes, the wipe looks like a baby wipe , but notice the pH of 7.0 in the picture above. This is a neutral pH. Typically, you need four wipes. One for each quadrant of the head. So divide your hair into four sections and subsection each section as you wipe the hair in the direction of the cuticle. Wipe Down; not up. Of course, it is best that you clarify the hair with a chelating shampoo first, then towel blot the hair before you begin to wipe.
Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two is a good deep cleansing shampoo. Only one lather is needed and not too heavy on the pump. A little goes a long way! After your hair is squeaky clean, then use a "seamless" comb to part into four sections. As you begin to wipe each section with a fresh wipe, then the hair should start to soften. Use your "seamless" comb as a judge as whether the wipes are working by the ease of the comb through. Remember one section at a time. Please see my separate article on seamless combs.

After detoxing the whole head, it is best to go back into a hydrating shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. The Onesta brand is recommended for moisture. (Hydrating Shampoo and Moisture Balancing Conditioner) Style as usual. Please see my separate article on the Onesta brand.


  1. Really interesting blog article. Never heard of these wipes before; and I'm used to avoiding getting my curly hair squeaky clean. However, I am learning that chelating shampoos and dealing with build-up is also a necessity.

    I'm in the UK so not sure if I can get these wipes over here.

  2. Thanks BritCurl800 for the compliments! I think that KeraCare products are sold in the UK. If you find a salon that carries KeraCare, then they can special order these wipes for you.

    As far as squeaky clean hair, Kinky Curly, Mixed Chicks, and some other curl care lines have some clarifying shampoos that should deep cleanse without overstripping.

    Please keep me posted!