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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Proven results: Gaining long hair under my practice

Three different (AHGC) clients with relaxed hair.
Applebaum Hair Growth Club (AHGC)

In today's society, social media influencers typically show before and after transformations all in one visit.  That all inclusive one stop is what lures most people in.  My practice is not built on a one day trip.  My three clients' pictured above have long, relaxed hair because we don't "fry, dye, and lay to the side."  I typically underprocess the hair before I would overprocess the hair.  Sometimes clients have to stretch their relaxer services. That means they sport a few more "ponytail days" to maintain the integrity of their hair and maintain their length.  This allows for gaining longer lengths with relaxers.

Over the years, I have learned that some hairtypes are "thirsty" which means that it soaks up the oils from the relaxer and the relaxer base.  Those hairtypes require extra clarification during the rinse out from relaxer services.  The extra clarification is a series of extra steps.  Hairstylists that are interested in learning more about these steps can pay for a consultation with me.

One thing that I decided to change since my Los Angeles trip is to discontinue using brushes/sprushes for relaxer application.  I can elaborate more during a paid consultation with me.

My relaxer clients were gaining length before my Los Angeles trip.  I mostly witnessed haircuts and molding while in Los Angeles. I was hoping for more color technique, but the clientele that class day were all solid black and short.  I always learn something new from every class that I attend.  Los Angeles was no exception.

So for those natural hair clients, I was so proud to see a natural hair client return to me for a service, and she had been FOLLOWING our regimen that we designed custom for her. Her natural hair has continued to gain length without me.  It confirmed to me that when the customer and I establish a regimen and routine that works that includes supplements (regardless of brand) - they are empowered to continue their regimen that works.

This is the basis of the Applebaum Hair Growth Club (AHGC).  There is no overnight magic to gaining length, but I can help people develop a plan to achieve longer God-given hair even if they use wigs or enhancements for glamour purposes.  Every practice is different.  Investing in my practice is an investment into yourself.

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