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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Mobile Hair Consultation: A Look at AHGC on the Road!

Applebaum Hair Growth Club Reception

New clients nationwide should expect to receive a warm, professional reception with complimentary tea, coffee, bottled water and/or light snacks.


Most new clients are needing a "listening ear."  Typically, they need short and long term solutions.  Consider me as a therapist for hair.  Don't be surprised that you may leave with a homework assignment to complete after the consultation.

The mirror

We will take a seat at the mirror to really dig into the custom transformation game plan.  If we need to begin hair treatment services, then I can network with local salons in your area for a salon chair for a day.  I would need advance notice for separate hair services. As far as attire goes, hair can be a labor of love.  I can glam up for solution driven visits or just remain dressy casual so that people can feel relaxed without judgment.


As a professional, sanitation is very important. I may have fresh washed salon capes out drying if I am hosting a "pop-up" salon station in the area.

Surprisingly, many people have concluded that Sisterlocks are what I am going to be pushing because Sisterlocks were the best solution for me.  For the record, locs are the least likely solution for most women for various different reasons that can be discussed during a AHGC consultation.  

The Applebaum Hair Growth Club is for designed for LOOSE HAIR solutions.  I have been trained for Sisterlocks establishments, but that loc journey is NOT the intent of the Applebaum Hair Growth Club.  On the flip side, those who are not open to relaxer services are not a good match either.  Your individual hair texture will determine which path that I suggest.

These pictures were taken 19 years apart.  I offer skincare solutions as a part of the AHGC.

 Paypal and CashApp $BenitaBlocker are the current payment options.  Prepayment is required prior to texture evaluation.

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