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Phenomenal . . .
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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sisterlocks Four years and Six Months Anniversary

Almost Four years and six months ago, I started my Sisterlocks journey.  The picture above is DAY two/three after my pipe cleaner set. I usually need about two nights before my roots fluff back up like I like them after a shampoo and set.

And to those followers who have stuck with me on this blog, THANK YOU!!!!

Another late night pipe cleaner set using Design Essentials Twist and Set Natural hair setting lotion.  It comes in a ready to spray bottle.

When my Sisterlocks are wet, they are at least armpit length in the back with my head upright. I usually need a couple of hours of dryer time to get my wet set almost dry.  It's definitely a four hour task. Also, I am on Instagram now. I post about my Herbalife weight loss results.  I am working on a few more beauty related articles. So until next time!

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