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Phenomenal . . .
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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Ethnic Hair Tips From a Beauty industry leader

  1. Before the "protective styling" trend, I was wearing half wigs to allow my hair to rest.
  2. Before "invisible part" quickweave became popular, I was the first to create that "part illusion" that I know of.
  3. Four years and four months ago, I saw the vision of my hair in smaller locs.  The picture above reflects what a $750 installation and three Sisterlocks 4-day training sessions can lead you to.
  4. Everyone should learn to self maintain their locs in partnership with a loctician.  
  5. Interlocking can deliver a neater look to locs, but that method also enables hair from an adajacent loc to get crossed over.  Those with fine hair are more likely to get cross-over hair because one can barely see the finer hairs.  Twisting or palm rolling are probably the safest root tightening method for locs.

NOTE:  I may add on to this list periodically.

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