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Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Pipe cleaner Wet Set on Sisterlocks.

Day 2 with Pipecleaner curly set plus Ardell eyelash extensions.

Day one pipecleaner curly set!

Initial Pipe cleaner removal results!

I purchased brown and black colored "Fuzzy Sticks" from Walmart for 88 cents. ($0.88 USD)

I put loops into the "Fuzzy Sticks" to drag them out of the spiral curls without disturbing the set too much.

I pre-made about 3 packs to spiral set my hair with.

This article was inspired by LovelyLocs NHCP (Natural Hair Care Products) Curling Sisterlocks with Pipecleaners Tutorial.   The "fuzzy sticks" tutorial starts about six (6) minutes into this video.

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