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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Why Men Should Avoid Entering into a Hair Salon

 Tips Surrounding Men in the Hair Salon

1) Many women who are in the midst of a hair service appointment would prefer to maintain their privacy.  Sometimes women's own spouses have never seen them in "rare" form so why should a strange man see them?

2) Children are sometimes serviced in the salon while their parents are away running errands.  It is best not to risk having any children being sexually assaulted.

3) HairStylists have a lot of responsibility.  Answering relationship questions while servicing other hair clients is plain awkward. Surprise visits by anyone who has an agenda other than buying hair products or scheduling a hair service, are a nuisance to the hairstylists.

4) Spouses, Boyfriends, and Dads should conduct their business with their loved ones in a very timely manner and leave.  I can not stand to have someone else's husband/boyfriend staring at me for a whole hour with my hair undone.

Past Examples:
1) I shared with a first date that I was a salon owner. He was a sanitation truck driver.  He literally was in the neighborhood on a future occasion.  He saw my "open" sign.  He parked the sanitation (garbage) truck in the front of the salon blocking the sunlight and proceeded to surprise me emptyhanded with his presence while I am in the middle of servicing a client.  I was so embarrassed.

2) Someone in the area showed a single guy my salon location because he was inquiring about where I worked.  Needless to say, the guy comes into my salon to ask me out on a date while I am servicing a client.  Unfortunately, I was not attracted to the guy which made the encounter even more awkward. What stranger shows up at someone's workplace and expects things to go well? 

Bottom Line:  Men, even if you look like a handsome "LL Cool J," if you are not being serviced, then  limit your hair salons visits please.

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