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Phenomenal . . .
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Monday, February 15, 2016

Loc Styling: The Making of Mardi Gras Masquerade Hair

It was Mardi Gras time again for The Crown Jewels (NC) chapter of the Links, Inc. I decided to wear my locs down this year!  It required advance planning to make my curly locs blend in with my straight hair "sistahs."  

I even picked out the perfect jewelry ensemble from my collection of rhinestone head jewelry.  I introduced the concept of Fashion Head jewelry in an article on this blog during the 2015 Holiday season.

I started with a fresh wet set using perm rods for more curl definition about four days prior to the event.  I twisted slices of my locs like the start of Bantu knots and then anchored them with a perm rods.  I used the Design Essentials Masterpiece setting lotion 1:1 mixture.

This Aldo cap became my new "bestie!" I took out all the perm rods and coiled the front top Sisterlocks to stay under my cap while the side and back hung down with minimal to no manipulation for three days up to the hour before the event.  My clients had probably never seen me working in a cap, but I was determined to have curls for my event.  

It was the best decision ever!  
I was a Goddess!

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