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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Salon water Testing Using pH testing strips

Clorox Spa 5-way test strips can be purchased for around $11.00 USD for a 50 strips container from Walmart stores in the swimming pool section.  When I was at the ISSE Long Beach Hair show earlier this year, one of the instructors mentioned that our tap water in our shampoo bowls may not be 7.0 pH because of the additives in "city water." I have been curious about my salon water pH ever since then.

The strips test for bromine, alkanity, pH, chlorine, and hardness.

The strip on the left is the results after the salon testing.  The strip on the right is the unused test strip.  My salon water is soft as I was already informed about the city water.  However, the pH of my salon water seems to be elevated into a more alkaline pH.  It is not a toxic alkalinity but low pH conditioners are going to very important to every hairstyle to keep the hair cuticle sealed.  I hope to publish my 2015 Favorite products soon!!!

It is strange that people are buying more and more alkaline water to balance their acidic nature when the tap water appears to be alkaline already.

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