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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Thermal Reconditioning with the Basic Hair Care System

I finally experienced an "express" smoothing treatment application that was easy, quick, and it delivered fantastic results.  The Basic Hair Care System's One Step Treatment worked as "easy as pie."  I found the perfect match of hair texture for the system.

Healthy Hair by Benita Blocker, 2015

My model's hair was treated with the Avlon Texture Release System back in December 2014. The results were documented in a different article on this blog.  We decided to try the  Basic One Step Smoothing Treatment this trial, and it was "like heaven."  I believe the Avlon Texture Release system was too heavy of a product for her hair.  The Basic Smoothing system is a lightweight foam, and it made the whole process simple without even going under the platform dryer.

This is my model's "before" picture.  Again, nine months ago, we completed the Avlon Texture Release thermal reconditioning system.  Her resistant curl pattern did not lose its curl. Her cuticle is overall smooth in texture. She finds that heavy oils dry her hair out which is probably why the Avlon Texture Release system did not style very well for her.  That system is a Royal Jelly based system.  The Basic One Step Treatment is a much lighter product; so styling was phenomenal.  We were very pleased with the results.

The left side was a blow dry without any leave-in conditioners.  The right side was a blow dry with the Basic One Step Treatment Foam already applied.  After I applied the foam to both sides, I let her sit at room temperature with a plastic cap for 20 minutes.

Then we blow dried the "foam processed" hair again.  No rinse required.  The Basic Hair Care System Smoothing Treatment requires two blow dry services but only ONE ironing service.

Healthy Hair by Benita Blocker

I flat ironed and curled using the Paul Mitchell Smoothing (flat) iron.  The hair did not smoke.  We achieved incredible shine.  Based on Design Essentials education, flat irons are recommended for smoothing treatments to avoid removing the smoothing product from off the hair.  The conventional stove and marcel irons are discouraged because the direct heat may work against the smoothing treatment for maintenance purposes.

As much as I wanted to resist using the flat irons, this natural hair movement has forced me back to flat iron use as required by smoothing treatments.

Disclaimer:  The results from these smoothing treatments will vary based on the texture and porosity of the hair that you are working with. My model wanted smooth curly hair versus bone straight styling.  The treatment is said to last up to 20 shampoos. The results will vary.


  1. Good Morning! Curious to how you may feel about this on type 4 hair that has not been treated with the Avlon Texture Release and also will have a demi color in black put in. Its just to loosen the curl a smidgen and once or twice a year do a straight flat iron.

    1. Hi Rose: I was not fond of the results on type 4 hair. If the hair does not have a smooth cuticle, then the blow dry without leave-in conditioners will be challenging. Porous hair usually absorb too much product. The pH of the foam is @1.2 to 1.5. A conditioner may need to be used after clarifying the hair if the hair is not manageable. I hope that this helps with your decision making.

  2. yes it was,thanks as always. ive been searching throughout your blog for a product that will slightly loosen curl for type 4 hair but not chemically/ permanently change it. ..the search continues. i still havent seen one with your stamp of approval. until then ill hold out until you showcase one you stand behind.

  3. I had to smile at your comment because resistant type 4 hair can resist straightening with a chemical relaxer if the bonds do not soften properly so I gave up a non-permanent solution. Texturizing followed by a smoothing treatment is the only solution that I can think of to achieve what you are looking for in type 4 resistant hair. It would be expensive to maintain.