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Friday, July 17, 2015

The Sandra Bland Connection

Sandra Bland


Sandra Bland had started her loc journey.  

According to social media, Sandra had just relocated back to Texas for a NEW job.  She was pulled over for a minor traffic violation.  Sandra probably was not wearing any cosmetic makeup.  She was probably having her "down time."  It is alleged that she was forcibly pulled from her car by a trooper who allegedly violated policy.  It is alleged that her face was slammed to the ground.  

Why would she go anywhere with a trooper who is already violating her rights, disrespecting her, and inflicting harm over a frivolous traffic stop?

Sandra Bland before her loc journey.

If Sandra would have had straight hair, long weave, or cosmetic makeup on, then I would like to think that Sandra would have been treated better by this trooper.  I dare say that Sandra would probably still be alive. Many people equate straight hair with education and professionalism, but many people do not understand that wearing one's hair in locs does not make anyone less educated.  Locs should be embraced as a cultural diversity versus an opportunity  to mistreat others.

Social media has highlighted that Sandra had been battling some depression.  The "starter loc" phase can be very depressing when one is used to more length and straighter hairstyling.  Unfortunately, locs take years to gain length because of curl shrinkage.  Many people do not have the patience to grow out their locs.  It takes a lot of self esteem to endure the starter loc phase.  People with high self esteem typically do not commit suicide in a jail cell that they should never have been planed.

I have been told that Sandra Bland is my Soror. (Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.)  She is also my Sister in the loc journey fighting society ignorance about dreadlocs.  My story link:

I too have encountered a disrespectful public servant.  My story link:

I specifically bought into a specialized "dreadlock" system, and I still experienced a nightmare regarding customer service.  My story link:

Rest in Peace Soror Sandra Bland.

Apparently, a cute picture of Sandra Bland in her loc hair phase was not acceptable. Now, that is depressing.

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  1. Dashcam footage supports her being arrested because she was quite "vocal" but dying in a jail cell over a traffic stop is ridiculous.