Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Classic and Creative Combined: ISSE 2015 Long Beach

International Salon and Spa Expo 2015 Long Beach, California

Sassoon Presentation

Chad Clark Presented the Bob to the Third Power

Ibiza Hair Blow Dry Presentation

Hairstyling Competition

Hairstyling Competition

Hairstyling Competition

 Ergo Blow Dry Presentation

Gigli and Massimo Italy Salon Furniture

This article is just a taste of the Long Beach Hair Expo.  Do you want to learn more?  I am offering a  three hour intense workshop in metro Charlotte, NC!

Curious if you should take this workshop?  Just answer these questions . . .

1) Are you still using the neck of your blow dryer to rest long hair as you round brush?
2)  Are you interested in some blow drying tips to assist in preventing carpel tunnel?
3)  Do you know how to use the tool pictured below?

4) Are you interested in a quick temporary root cover-up that will not smudge like the sprays and the crayons? (And no, it is NOT a mascara wand either!)

5) Do you need more guidance in bang positioning and bang haircuts?

6) Do you know how the West Coast market their hair services?

7) Want Cosmetic Makeup Application tips for those over age 50? 

8) Is the pH of tap water really 7.0?

9) Is a boar bristle brush really safer than a nylon bristle brush?

10) Want some brand names that are not sold locally?

Are you ready to learn these things and more?

For $100 in advance or $150 at the door, Sunday, February 22, 2015 from noon to 3 pm . . . you can get the knowledge you need for 2015 and beyond.  

Just contact Applebaum Salon, Huntersville, NC to register in advance or to get more details!  The class will be limited to 10 at a time. Invest in yourself to get some West Coast flavor! 
  • Save on airplane flight to West Coast
  • Save two days travel time
  • Save on hotel stays
  • Save on luggage check-in fees
  • Save on taxi fares
  • Save on Expo registration
What are you thinking about?  Register NOW by contacting Applebaum Salon or Master Cosmetologist Benita Blocker!

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