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Phenomenal . . .
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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Nairobi Tru Colors has a New Shade!

Nairobi Tru Colors, a semi-permanent color line, added a Bombshell Dark Brown color #3-D to their collection.  It has a neutral base and reminds me of a milk chocolate color.

I prefer when this color line is thick versus runny.  I have had a distributor sell me color with a runny consistency, and I discontinued using the line because of this inconsistency.  The distributor later mentioned that I should let him know if I prefer the thicker consistency over the runny one - that way, he can pull it for me.

In my head, I am thinking - really? There should be some sort of quality control. There should be some sort of consistency in how the product should be.  Why sell hairstylists inferior products because they do not know  how thick or thin the product should be to achieve optimum results with their clients?

Anyway, the size of the Tru Colors bottle allows you to get several uses out of it so I prefer to buy the blue/black/Indigo color from Nairobi.  I do not have many clients who want the blue/black color, but it is the best option for semi-permanent hair color for those clients who do.

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