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Monday, October 6, 2014

Benefits of Partial Cellophane Foil

 Sanek brand has a See-thru Foil that is better than the original full cellophane foils.  With this partial cellophane foil, you can watch the hair change colors without peeping into the foil.

 By having some aluminum built into the foil, the foil stays in place on the hair and prevents slippage and spillage of color from out of the foil.

As much as I loved the full cellophane foil,  they were not flexible when you needed precision placement of color.  You could not bend and seal this foil in place.

I believe Schwarzkopf also offers a pre-cut partial cellophane foil as well.  The Sanek brand is a roll with a dispenser.  I am excited about this new next level of the cellophane foil.

I am almost out of the full cellophane foil, and I could not find them anywhere for purchase.  Now, I know why.  The next generation of foil is now here!  I purchased the Sanek brand from Sally's Beauty Supply.

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