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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Red Carpet Hair: Think Like A Man Too

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Motions Hair was one of the sponsors for the "Think Like A Man Too" Movie  Los Angeles premiere.  I am going to stay in my lane as far as fashion is concerned.  My lips are sealed, but let's talk about hair!

KeKe's hair:  B- (this look could be achieved with some last minute clip-in extensions)
Gabrielle's hair:  B+ (simple and classic "snatch-back")
LaLa's hair:  B+ (simple and casual "snatch-back")
Taraji's hair: C+ (an overall casual bohemian look)

As far as hairstyling is concerned,  this red carpet showcase was not trendsetting, but I am looking forward to the movie!!!!

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  1. It was the number one movie last weekend! It was not as entertaining as the first installment, but definitely more emotional as far as the couple's dynamics.