Phenomenal . . .

Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Loc-Prints: Unique to Each individual

June 2014

More and More naturals are scoping out my hair - oops, I mean - my locs.  It is weird because I still see my hair as hair that is loc'ed.  I suppose that is a good thing because our locs are hair and can break, dry out, get overprocessed from color, be overtightened, cut too short, etc.  Loc wearers can do about everything that relaxed hair wearers do except chemically relax. 

I used to get people who envied my hair when it was freshly relaxed and grown out.  Emphasis on fresh relaxer . . . but after the roller coaster of gaining length then my hair breaking off  from flat ironing and overprocessing, even I was getting worn down over my own hair.  So it feels good to finally get people loving my hair and wanting my texture in its God-given state. 

The funny thing is that I always thought that the women born with the loose wavy hair were the most exotic looking.  Now, I have to laugh because  even though my hair is the complete opposite of their hair, it means that I also fall into an exotic category on the other end of the scale.

So trying to force my hair to look like theirs was not the answer.  Surprisingly, there is no chemical that can force their hair to look like mine even if they wanted to.  Locs are so unique as they form.  

I have my own individual "loc-print," and I finally starting to love it!

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