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Sunday, June 8, 2014

In Case of Rain: What would you do?

Track practice is over. You are the only Black girl with relaxed hair on the team.  Everyone's waiting for their parents to come pick them up so you and your teammates are having "girl talk."  You start to feel raindrops.  Your next hair appointment is a few days away.  You have an umbrella tucked in your backpack.  You feel more and more rain drops, but no one else is attempting to pull out their umbrella. What do you do?

a) Continue to blend in with your teammates by not using your umbrella and not worrying about your hair getting wet.

b) Pull out your umbrella and hope that you do not distract the "conversation" being the only one in the circle holding an umbrella.

c) Pull out your umbrella and hope that some of the other teammates will gather underneath your umbrella as an act of acceptance.

d) Announce that you felt raindrops and see how your teammates respond.  If they blow it off, then you "blow it off."  If they suggest seeking shelter, then follow them to shelter. You just want to fit in.

e) Explain to your classmates that your hair appointment is a few days away, and you have to get your umbrella out.

What's the best way to handle to this situation?  

As more and more parents are sending their children to private schools.  These type of dynamics are being encountered. It is important that parents install confidence in their children's heritage so that even if they are in the minority, they can make informed decisions.

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