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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Full Re-twisting Yields new Loc Findings

June 2014 before my Full ReTwisting

June 2013 (one year ago)

June 2014 After Full Retwisting

This retwisting session took the 3+ hours as it has always taken, and after discovering "too many" doubled up locs, I have concluded that I am going to have to continue to take care of my own Sisterlocks.  I had been very lazy with my re-twisting commitment.  It had been FOUR months since I re-twisted my whole head. I know - I am ashamed that I have not touched every loc in one full session for four months.  The break was sooo cool, but vacation is over.  Time to stay in touch with my full head!

But hold up, it had been only two months ago since I had the lady to interlock my whole head, but sadly, I did not check behind her.  It is only now that  I really feel like she doubled up some of my locs without telling me.  It could have been worse, but it was certainly more than I wanted.  Most of the doubles  seem to be located on the side of my head where I have the smaller locs.  Remember my loc sizing is lopsided.  One side has larger locs than the other.

So I will have to plan a better routine for retwisting my locs.  I thought about free-forming, but my roots were looking too unruly.  I am used to the manicured look of the locs, but I know- it is my own complex about my ultra-curly hair.

I also tried the "towel rub" technique to see if I could coil my locks similar to the "NuDred" sponge, but I think my roots were trying to matte together in places preventing any type of twisting until I thoroughly separated each loc.

I really had a lot of separating to do.  I usually finger comb my locs daily but not a lot at the roots because I knew they were past due for some sort of loc maintenance.

Well, I'm done.  I will probably hand-interlock my locs periodically in a dry state in my spare time, but I will have to plan for my own full re-twist at least every six weeks.  I try to shampoo more often and wet set it, but I know shampooing is going to undo the twisting. I will figure out what works for me.  It is the only option that I am comfortable with.

On a more cheerful note,  I see my progress over the last year, and that is something to stay excited about!

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