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Monday, June 23, 2014

French lace versus Dutch lace Braiding

 I completed a "Sexy Hair" Braiding class earlier today.  I learned everything from a four strand braid to a two strand fishtail braid.  What I found the most fascinating was the names of the two Lace braiding techniques.  The picture on top is a French Lace braiding where you braid overhanded.  The picture below is a Dutch Lace braiding where you braid underhanded.

Can you tell the difference between the underhanded lace braid and the overhanded lace braid?

Surprisingly, I had a White instructor.  She was pretty seasoned at the various types of braiding.  She also confirmed that braiding is a great heatless way to style hair.  It is also ideal for weddings.  Below are some more pictures from the class.

 Waterfall braid is above.

The four strand braid and the three strand braid both accentuate the fringe and bang areas.

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