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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Haircutting: Real Hair Terms

I completed quite a few haircuts so far this week, and  it was refreshing to know that people do expect their hair to grow.  People do want to keep their hair styled.  All people are not trying to hang on to every eighth of an inch.  Some people want a half inch or more cut off periodically to keep their ends blunt and healthy looking.

Haircut Terminology
I always say if you can see the hair on the floor, then it is a haircut.  

If you can barely see anything on the floor, then I call it a "dusting."

If you want a haircut around the perimeter only or less than half inch all over, then I call it a shaping.

If you want an all over haircut but limit it to an inch or less, then I call it a trim.

I hope this terminology assists you in your communication with your hairstylist for your next haircutting service.

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