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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cosmoprof Carries Expired Paul Mitchell Relaxers

 Cosmoprof is a national beauty supplier to the professional licensed cosmetologists and other licensed beauty professionals.  They are the exclusive supplier for the Paul Mitchell relaxers in my territory.

I went to purchase a Paul Mitchell relaxer today, and I literally found that most of the relaxers were expired.  I learned a few months back how to read the Paul Mitchell batch codes.  I also had to return expired relaxer back to the store a few months back.  I have called the Cosmoprof toll-free number twice since then in order to get the Cosmoprof headquarters to eliminate expired chemicals from all of their stores.  I have not seen any progress.

I am hoping that no one else buys the expired Paul Mitchell relaxers. On a separate note, Paul Mitchell headquarters said that they discontinued making mild and super strengths, yet Cosmoprof still keeps the expired mild and super strengths stocked on their shelves.

I assume that the Cosmoprof warehouse keeps shipping expired products into its stores to replenish their ordering counts. I am still waiting to hear from Cosmoprof headquarters with an update on removing expired Paul Mitchell relaxers from all their stores and their warehouses.

Anyone purchasing the Paul Mitchell relaxers from Cosmoprof should call Paul Mitchell headquarters to confirm the freshness of the relaxer.  If the batch code starts with a "9" then it means the relaxer was manufactured in 2009 which makes it approaching five years old.  Our clients deserve fresh products!

Expired shampoo is one thing, but expired chemicals cause huge liability issues.


  1. There's still plenty of expired Paul Mitchell relaxers on the shelves at Cosmoprof, Cornelius, NC as of June 8, 2014. No change.

  2. This week after several phone calls, finally, Sally's Legal Department says that I got their attention. Why must it take so much effort to get expired relaxers off the shelves? As of today, July 20, 2014, only fresh Paul Mitchell relaxers were on the Cosmoprof store shelves. Of course, I did have at least one other reader share that she too had purchased an expired Paul Mitchell relaxer unsuspectedly. She also had strange results with the relaxer service and went online to seek reviews and discovered my articles and comments regarding the expired relaxers. Anyway, the situation seems to be finally be corrected months later versus weeks later. Better late than never.