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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Adam Levine: The Platinum Blonde Bomb

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Adam Levine of Maroon 5  and the "Voice" television show debuted platinum blonde hair last week.  My first thought was "what the h*ll?"  The hair looked like one solid platinum blonde color.  I hated it.  It aged him.  The platinum blonde reminded me of a full head of gray hair.

I am happy that his roots were starting to grow back brunette this week. As to why Adam went blonde, I was hoping that he colored it for a movie role, but apparently, he was just bored and wanted something different.  Okay . . . Adam.

 And to top that, he was still bored when he had animal manure dumped on Blake Shelton's truck as revenge for tweeting Adam's cell phone number.  At least, this was the latest news buzzing on social media about Adam Levine.  

Maybe the blonde color did affect Adam's brain.  Dumping manure on a car live on camera is vandalism to me.  Anyway, back to the haircolor,  Adam should have went with "shoeshine" highlights versus a full haircolor overhaul.

A platinum blonde wig could have been beneficial to determine whether his skin color would support platinum blonde.

The only positive thing that I can say about Adam Levine's blonde hair is that I love the shine on the platinum blonde.  His hair seemed to have been lifted in a very healthy manner from brunette to platinum blonde.

I am looking forward to his blonde hair growing out and his brunette hair coming in!

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