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Friday, March 21, 2014

The Current Trend of Hair Salons

So the Independent Styling Studios came first, then the haircutting chain salon came next in the shopping center pictured above.  So people have independent hair specialists to choose from in the styling studios or they can go for an affordable, quick haircutting service from a chain salon.  There are plenty of choices these days for hair services.

The traditional hair salons are a dying breed.  Private salon owners nationwide have downsized to a styling studio room to rid themselves of payroll, complaints, toilet paper, and other stylists' attitudes.  However, as new styling studios continue to be built, hairstylists are "studio hopping" around for the latest and the greatest.

For some hairstylists, they are getting full-time jobs outside of doing hair, and they want a professional place to bring their part-time hair clientele to be serviced beside the kitchen sink in their own house.

Only the traditional megasalons will continue their full-service spa and hair offerings in the traditional way that the general population is accustom.

Where do I think the next trend is leading?  Seriously, the styling studios are only one step away from "doing hair at the house."  With the average cost being about $250 per week for the hairstylist, and one does not make money when one is not there, that leaves no room for much vacation or slow weeks.

In addition, with so many of these styling studios being built, they are going to run each other out of business eventually.

The good side of the styling studios is that if you can maintain a strong mix of independent hair stylists without a lot of gossiping, then everyone wins.  The location will attract a lot of walk-in clientele and a peaceful workplace where hairstylists complement each other skill sets and respects each other's clientele.

There will always be people who will go with a chain salon for hair services, and there will always be people who will refuse to go to what I call the "fast food" of the hair salon industry.  There is a need for both types: simple hair solutions and specialty hair solutions.