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Monday, March 3, 2014

Smart Talk about Paraben Free Products

 Take a look at both of these Jane Carter Solution's Wrap and Roll Foams.  Notice a difference in the color of the liquids?  One is more yellowish than the other.  The Jane Carter Solution is a paraben free product line.  Without parabens or preservatives, the shelf life of products are expired much quicker than those with parabens.

The discoloration of the product can be a sign that it is expired.  Also, the smell of the product is an even better sign that the product is expired.  The clearest bottle of foam has a fresh grapefruit smell to it.  The yellowish bottle of foam has a herbal afterkick to it.  It doesn't smell horrible, but it doesn't smell as relaxing to the senses as the clearer bottle.

If you find any paraben free products on clearance, I would definitely smell and analyze the product before buying it.  It is not usually wise to buy paraben free products on clearance unless you know that you are going to use the products up very quickly before they do completely expire.

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