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Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Natural Hair Shrinkage Delivers Thicker Looking Locs


There are many loc wearers that re-twist their locs every two weeks, but if you do not have extra thick hair, then you may be missing out on the benefits of leaving the new growth loose.  In the pictures above, you see my hairline with my new growth shrunken on the left.  The picture on the right or the second picture is where I dry twisted one loc at the hairline.  Which one do you like better? (sorry about the picture clarity)

I personally like the fullness of NOT keeping my roots tightened as seen in the first picture.  I get the most compliments when I embrace my natural  hair as well as my locs.

Now, I will confress that locs need to gain some length to play off your new growth shrinkage.  Your new growth can not be 2 inches and your locked portion only hanging 2 inches.  This would not work. Your mature lock needs to be long enough to control the new growth and hang.

So this thickness tip may not work for newbie loc starters, but keep this loc tip in your memory banks for when you can use it.

Officially, I would consider my hair as medium but coarse in texture. Its behavior is resistant which is why the shrinkage factor works.  So focus LESS on the roots and focus MORE on styling the locked portion of your locs as they gain length! One year eight months for me! No more baby locs!


  1. Looking beautiful Lady, I also prefer the looseness to help with my scalpy areas.