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Phenomenal . . .
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Liquid Demi-permanent Color by Beth Minardi

I just had two wonderful color success stories surrounding this liquid demi-permanent haircolor by Beth Minardi.

1) I achieved beautiful lowlights on relaxed and previous lightened hair, and the hair still looked shiny!  I performed the lowlights one week after the lightening, but simply beautiful final results.  I used the 6NB.

2) I had to tone the brassiness of a loc client after performing a corrective color service from an out of town colorist.  I used this liquid demi-permanent color with about 10 minutes of heat since the hair was wet when I applied the color. I achieved fantastic results with the 7ICE and layering of the 6NB.

Because this demi-permanent color uses the 5 volume developer, I still am uncomfortable using it on the same day as a relaxer, but I am excited about testing it on gray coverage for those whose hair is not strong enough for creme demi-permanent haircolor.

The Beth Minardi line does have a cream demi-permanent color as well as a permanent haircolor.  I like the permanent haircolor, but I have not tried the cream demi-permanent haircolor yet.  I was using Goldwell Colorance which is a cream demi-permanent haircolor, but I have not adjusted to their newest Colorance reformulation.

Honestly, the 1:1 ratio is a no brainer.  It is gentle and effective.  I am simply thrilled about this gentle liquid color.

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