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Monday, March 3, 2014

Design Essentials Colaura Semi Permanent Color Review

Colaura by Design Essentials is a safe semi-permanent hair color, but it does not seem to be long lasting.  The darker colors named "Earth" and "Precision" both eventually fade to a cool (blue or violet) color on gray hair. So initially, it provides adequate gray coverage, but I prefer a hair color to fade to a yellow or brown.

Thus far, I have not found a semi-permanent haircolor to match the old Sebastian Cellophanes semi-permanent haircolor formulas.  The Affirm Moisturcolor semi-permanent haircolors are my best bet thus far for gray coverage on the same day as the relaxers and the fade is warmer than the Colaura brand.

The good thing about the Colaura brand is that it cocktails nicely with conditioners to save a step if a client runs short on time and wants some gray coverage.  I also love the squeeze bottle nozzle design of the Colaura color bottles.  They allow for color application directly to the hair.

Overall, I will not continue with the Colaura color line because I still have Nairobi Semi-permanent TruColors which delivers about the same results.

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