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Monday, September 23, 2013

Cameron Diaz Hair color for the Counselor movie

I just saw the trailer for the movie the "Counselor."  I loved this new haircolor placement on Cameron Diaz.  To achieve this look, I would create the bob haircut. Secondly, strategically darken the roots and quadrants needed to create this look and rinse out.  I would then rough dry the hair and lift the remaining quadrants to blonde.  Of course, if the client has gray hair, then you would be depositing blonde color.  Picture credits: and



  1. I would have preferred to see a more faded black hairline versus the hard black hairline pictured. I had to add this comment because I was thinking this in my head, but I also want to respect the hair artist's work. Cosmetic grade alcohol rubbed around the hairline may be used to soften the dark hairline.

  2. Cameron Diaz's character in the movie the Counselor was a struggle between good and evil. This probably inspired the constrast in the light and dark colors in her hair.

  3. I am actually going to get this cut tomorrow at 9...found images on all angles, lighting, etc. I was very specific when I went on my consult that if my stylist didn't think she do it then we just wouldn't. It's a very technical cut, I have ash blonde hair, and very thick course hair, but it's super healthy all my stylists say I am lucky to have this much. I disagree, at times it's a hour~ 3 hours styling/straining. Would appreciate any info to achieve what I want, and what you think would work best with the color I have now. I am turning 42 next week, I just want the perfect thing to make me feel better about getting older. I do have a moderate amount of grey but more under the top layers. That's what concerns me about the darker color.

    1. Crystal: Everyone's specific headshape has to be analyzed to customize a bob haircut. Bobs are tricky because everyone's occipital bones are located in different places. Cameron Diaz looks to have a flatter head in the back so this bob falls straighter and longer on her. Someone else may need a more graduated cut in the back. I am hoping that your stylist will be able to feel your headshape and visualize what is the best bob shape for your specific headshape. Keep me posted! Happy Early Birthday!