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Phenomenal . . .
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Monday, September 16, 2013

Achieving Bra Strap Length Using Fusion Extensions

 Hair by Benita Blocker.  My client wanted to extend her below shoulder length hair to bra strap length.  We decided to use strand by strand fusion hair extensions application.

To save money, she had me to color some blonde colored strands to match her hair.   8 bundles of 10 strands.  I left the bundles tied in order to not lose track of them.

After untying the bundles, you can see the original blonde color of the hair extensions.  Based on the color wheel, in order to neutralize the yellow/gold, I needed red/violet.  I used Schwarzkopf Igora10 haircolor for quick processing. I let it process for an extended period of time because I was going for a dark color, and I was servicing another client as well.

 I decided on the following color formula:  1.5 oz of 3.0 tube and 1.0 oz of 4.89 tube and 10 volume developer.
 I did shampoo and condition them appropriately to avoid tangling.  I also straighten them and ran them through my drawing cards with help from an assistant.

Color wheels are important when correcting color and altering hair extension haircolor. The blonde hair extensions were remy premium hair extensions.  I did not advise coloring hair extensions that are not premium or remy quality.  The haircoloring causes some damage to the strands so start with high quality to ensure that the hair will not tangle when put in.

Are you wondering how many strands were used in my client's hair to acheive the first picture?  97 strands.

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